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Derbyshire Portraits

Featured Painting:
Loose Ends, A1 Oil on Canvas


Rebekah Fitch Loose Ends Oil Painting
To purchase please email!

Following my successful portrait of local folk singer John Tams, I decided to support an artist whom I know personally.


Rebekah Fitch is an alt-pop singer from Northern Ireland who has a powerful, soulful voice and a knack for song writing and live performance.


The bright background and saturated pinks would liven up any living room and pay homage to her warm and energetic personality.

Her new single "Loose Ends" is out now and available on sites such as YouTube and Spotify.

Time Lapse!

Welcome to Derbyshire Portraits!

Hand painted oil paintings in Derbyshire.​

Commissions include portraits of family, friends and pets, or impressions of your favourite photographs, such as cars, houses and landscapes.

Please have a look through my paintings and follow me on social media, then look through the commissions section to view pricing, tips and T&C's.

Watercolours are also available!

If you like my paintings, do get in touch and we can discuss how to turn your idea into a memorable artwork.


Derbyshire, England

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