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Tips for Customers
Getting the most out of your commission

Most commissions start with a photo.

Sending multiple photos always helps!

The best photos to paint are close up and well lit - more detail in the photo often leads to more detail in the painting!

I always discuss my commissions with my customers.

Photo Studio Lights

There are many different styles of art!

If you would prefer a specific style such as impressionist, realist or modernist, just ask. Or simply refer to one of my other paintings or another artist's work.

I will always try and paint a style which suits the subject, the customer and the size of the painting.


If you seek a specific background style, let me know, I'll do my best to match it.

Backgrounds can include block colours, gradients, landscapes and blurred styles.

Canvas edges can also match or contrast the rest of the painting. A contrasting look creates a more modern feel if you are feeling adventurous.

The small things

Commissions are often personal and may require that little extra touch of detail to make them your own.

If something is important to you tell me and I will try my best to include and highlight it.

Likewise, if there is something in your photo which you don't want including, please tell me! 

Thank you for choosing Derbyshire Portraits
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